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Super Tuesday Special – Bernie Sanders’ Pollster Ben Tulchin

By March 4, 2020 August 1st, 2022 No Comments

No matter what you think of Bernie Sanders, there’s no question that he has become a powerful force in American politics. Near the center of that juggernaut is Ben Tulchin, the President of Tulchin Research, and our guest on this week’s episode of Let’s Hear It. Ben felt the Bern early in 2016, helping to turn the Vermont Socialist by way of Brooklyn – who was given to 90-minute stemwinding speeches about Norway and oligarchs – into a progressive populist who somehow managed to win the hearts of college students (and others) across the country and nearly snatch the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton.

As the country attempts to make sense out of yesterday’s Super Tuesday results, it is clear that Sanders (and Tulchin) are still very much in the mix. But Ben Tulchin has a lot more than Bernie Sanders on his resume. A veteran pollster who has worked with foundations, nonprofits, and political campaigns for twenty-five years, Ben sits down with Kirk Brown to talk about how foundations and nonprofits can use polling and other research to advance their work.