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Chris DeCardy, the President of the Heinz Endowments, Convinces us that Pittsburgh is the Center of the Universe

By March 19, 2024 No Comments

image-credit-Josh-Franzos-for-The-Heinz-Endowments.jpgWhen Chris DeCardy took the reins of the Heinz Endowments last year, he was one of the very few former foundation communications directors to ascend to the lofty heights of president. And Chris has dived in with the energy of a teenager. Indeed, if there is a more energetic – nay, ebullient – foundation president in the land, we haven’t met them.

Chris makes an extremely compelling case about how crucial western Pennsylvania is to our national and even international politics, and while he’s at it he reminds us how important intelligent communications strategies will be to build on important victories (like significant advances on climate, for one example).

Don’t miss this conversation between Eric and Chris, whose friendship dates back to the twentieth century, as they talk about how Chris’s background in journalism, environmental communications, and foundation leadership have led him to this place – the center of the universe!

Image credit: Josh Franzos for the Heinz Endowments


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