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Robert Pérez and the Genius of Upstairs, Downstairs

By April 16, 2024 No Comments

We’ve been doing this show for a while, and every so often the pieces just elegantly slide into place. In thirtyish minutes, Robert Pérez does this for us. Robert is the founder and Chief Exploration Officer of Wonder: Strategies for Good, a network of experts in messaging, storytelling, psychology and public-opinion research that works with foundations, nonprofits, activists, and advocates to advance progressive causes across the country and around the world.

Wonder has an incredibly exciting framework for message and strategy, called Heartwired, which helps communicators understand how to connect people’s emotions, values, beliefs, identity, and experiences to help bring about change from the inside out. It helps us understand how the “downstairs brain,” which is emotional and reactive, relates to the “upstairs brain”, which is thoughtful and empathetic. Instead of telling people what to think, he helps organizations connect with their audiences on a deeper level to make progress on challenging social issues.

It is a truly amazing conversation that helps us better understand the deep connections between strategy, narrative, messaging, and movement building. Enjoy!