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Tony Proscio Deconstructs Word Salad in the Philanthropic Jargon Space

By August 23, 2023 No Comments

We have an impactful episode deep-diving into how Tony Proscio, a thought leader in this space, has moved the needle on the innovation of language in nonprofit and foundation work. He and Eric partner to get granular on staying transparent with folks from the donor pipeline to the board room.

*record scratch* Just kidding!

This week on Let’s Hear It, Eric and legendary former strategic planning consultant and jargon denouncer Tony Proscio sit down to grouch about why foundations and nonprofits can’t just say what they mean. Tony, a personal hero of Eric’s, should be required reading for anyone working in communications. His three books, entitled In Other Words: A Plea for Plain Speaking in Foundations; When Words Fail: How the Public Interest Becomes Neither Public Nor Interesting; and Bad Words for Good: How Foundations Garble Their Message and Lose Their Audience decry the current trend toward using jargon when plain words are needed and why this obfuscation has led us to our current gerund pileup.

Fear not – the episode isn’t all Eric and Tony doing their best impressions of the two crabby Muppets in the balcony. Tony has some hopeful words to say about how people working in nonprofit and foundation communications can improve, including how technology has brought us closer to clarity and authenticity. Just don’t try to find him online.

Enjoy this great discussion, and remember: no empty calorie words.